Grading and evaluating of gems. What are non-gem quality, Mid-gem quality, and Superior quality?

Grading and evaluating gems:-

Grading and evaluating gems can begin before they are extracted from the ground. Certain areas within some gem deposits are known to yield more or better-quality gems. material, and thus are mined first. Only a small proportion of What is recovered is of gem quality, and this is confirmed. Sorted to extract the gem material any gemstone-quality Roughs discovered are then carefully evaluated for color, clarity, and size. as well as size Even if much of the selected material remains, uncut if it is too small, oddly shaped, or otherwise does not fit and does not meet current market demand Cutting is costly, and at this early stage, grading is time-consuming and meticulous is critical. To be sure, the cutter will make the final decision about what is cut, but the more evaluation and grading that occurs before gems arrive at the cutter's workshop, the better.


 Non-gem quality

The specimen shown here is ordinary zoisite, and it is representative of almost all zoisite material. It's hazy, and even when it is well crystallized but not of gem quality. Until the discovery of tanzanite, zoisite was the most valuable mineral. Only a small number of gem-quality variants exist. There was a known amount of gem-quality zoisite.

Mid-gem quality

Because tanzanite is a relatively uncommon stone, even medium-quality gems are valuable enough to facet. In more common stones, such as amethyst, a mid-quality rough is rarely faceted because the cost of cutting it would exceed the final value of the finished gem.


Superior quality

Only a small percentage of even the finest gemstone rough is of excellent quality. Both the rough and cut stones in this tanzanite sample are clearly of greater quality than the mid-class grade.

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