Ore Deposit Geology By John Ridley


Ore deposit geology can indeed be studied late in a bachelor's degree program or even at the start of a postgraduate program. At this point, the learner can connect many of the concepts involved in ore genesis to his knowledge of geoscience building blocks. It can also be taught early to demonstrate to students the potential uses of newly acquired knowledge. This book is intended for the first instance as well as a reference if the student decides to pursue a career in the field. Mineralogy, magmatic, metamorphic, sedimentary geology, structural geology and tectonics, and geomorphology are believed to be standard knowledge bachelor courses, as well as some fundamental chemistry.

Isotope geochemistry and geochemical thermodynamics are not required courses for students. The topic is scientifically complex. There are few disciplines of Earth science that do not have an impact on them throughout a thorough investigation. However, when educating, a balance must be struck between detail and breadth. Some geologists spend their entire careers working on one type of deposit; others must have a sufficient understanding of various types to be able to adapt courts when called upon to analyze them. A balance between local and global issues must also be achieved.

A practical ore deposit geologist can work in a variety of locations or in occupations all around the world. As a result, the course should be taught using worldwide case studies while simultaneously being tailored to local geology.

This book seeks to train with all of the above-mentioned extremes and requirements. Description, genetic analysis, and advancement in understanding other geosciences subdisciplines are all combined. About 30 different cache types are identified and discussed in depth. 

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Book Name: Ore Deposit Geology

Written By: John Ridley

CategoriesEarth Science


Edition: First edition

PublisherCambridge University Press


Pages:        398/ 411

FilePDF, 28.58 MB

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