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Sphalerite | What is Sphalerite? | Introduction of Sphalerite | Specification of Sphalerite | What is Barite on sphalerite, Gem sphalerite, Faceted oval, Emerald cut and scissors cut| Geologyseeker |
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How do you determine the value of a diamond?| How are diamonds graded?| Grading and valuing diamonds and types of gems.
Grading and evaluating of gems. What are non-gem quality, Mid-gem quality, and Superior quality?
A brief view About Visual properties of Gems.
What is a gem? A short Introduction about beauty, Rarity, and other considerations.
Minerals, crystal systems and its habits. What's Pyramidal, Acicular, Botryoidal, Prismatic, Dendritic & Massive.
A short Introduction about Minerals, Crystal systems  and its habits.
Physical Properties of Minerals Part 2 With Simple Illustration.
Physical Properties of Minerals Part 1 With Simple Illustration.
A brief view about Sulfides, Oxides, Phosphates and Silicates.
What is a mineral? A brief view about Minerals and it's classification.
What is Placer Deposits ?