Basic Geological Mapping, Fourth Edition John W. Barnes, Richard J. Lisle

Designed to be carried in the field, this pocket-sized how-to book is a practical guide to basic techniques in mapping geological structures. In addition to including the latest computerised developments, the author provides succinct information on drawing cross-sections and preparing and presenting 'fair copy' maps and geological diagrams. Contains a brief chapter on the essentials of report writing and discusses how to keep adequate field notebooks. A checklist of equipment needed in the field can be found in the appendices.Quote from 3rd edition"provides a wealth of good advice on how to measure, record and write reports of geological field observations" The Naturalist"

Categories:  Earth Sciences

Year:  2004

Edition:  4th

Publisher: Wiley

Language:  English

Pages:  198

ISBN 10:  047084986X

ISBN 13:  9780470849866

Series:  The Geological Field Guide

File:  PDF, 3.37 MB

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