Basic Geological Mapping, Fifth Edition By Richard J. Lisle, Peter Brabham, John W. Barnes

This book is a basic guide to field techniques used in geological mapping. It is meant to be kept in camp with you and even carried in your rucksack in the field. In addition, because no piece of geological mapping can be considered complete until the geology has been interpreted and explained, chapters are provided on drawing cross-sections, preparing and presenting ‘fair copy’ maps, and presenting geological diagrams from your fieldwork suitable for inclusion in your report. A report explaining the geology is an essential part of any field project, and a brief chapter on the essentials for writing and illustrating it concludes this book. Some emphasis, too, is given to field sketch mapping because many reports lack those large-scale detailed maps of small areas that can often explain complex aspects of the geology that cannot be shown on the scale of the field map being used, and that is difficult to describe in words.  Attention is also given to field notebooks, which are, in many cases, deplorable.  It is assumed that readers of this book have already had at least one year of university or equivalent geology, and have already been told what to look for in the field. Geological mapping cannot, however, be taught in lectures and the laboratory: it must be learned in the field. Unfortunately, only too often, trainee geologists are left largely to their own devices, to sink or swim, and to learn to map for themselves with a minimum of supervision on ‘independent’ mapping projects. It is hoped that this book will help in that task.

Categories: Earth Sciences

Year: 2011

Edition: 5

Publisher: Wiley

Language: English

Pages: 235

ISBN 10: 1119977525

ISBN 13:  9781119977520

Series: Geological Field Guide

File:  PDF, 4.04 MB

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